Nope, like an essential oil, hemp derived CBD is bought “over the counter” and legal in all 50 states.

No! You will get a feeling of “relaxation without intoxication” from using BioChem’s CBD oil. As already discussed, we test every product to insure every trace of THC is eliminated.

100%! All our oil is free grown free of heavy metals and pesticides, and made with non-GMO cultivars.

We are the furthest thing from “product pushers” and have a genuine desire to only introduce the most beneficial products that enhance our everyday lives, but the short answer is YES. People who take CBD oil on a daily basis recieve the medicinal properties that are delivered through the CBD oil which increase our overall health, wellness, and vitality.

It varies by person, but we recommend that new users of CBD start slow and increase their dosage over time. Typically new users will start with between half a dropper and full dropper and increase their dosage as necessary.


Some of our customers feel great with one dropper per day, while others take it several times throughout the day. Do what works for you!

BioChem CBD oil contains pure CBD extract, MTC Fractionated coconut oil, and all-natural flavoring. That’s it!